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The possibility of financial success in a business increases significantly if there are clear goals, a plan to meet those goals, and periodic review to check status. Make this year the best year yet by setting goals for the team. By thinking about the future course of action in advance and then predicting that performance in terms of a forecast, it allows the company to be decisive, direct, and accountable. Plus, team members feel like they are a part of something cohesive and their success in the company can be measured and rewarded. Schedule a quick call with me so I can get you this deal!

Forecasting is important because it helps the company:

  • Track performance. Comparing both your projections and your actuals against your budget lets you track your financial performance.
  • Spot opportunities & challenges. Forecasts make it easier to plan the use of revenue around emerging opportunities and anticipated problems.
  • Respond to change. While new information or events can lead to a change in plans in any given year, you can be responsive in real time to adapt.

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About Me

Kavanaugh Inc. is a consulting company that specializes in helping small businesses become more efficient and financially sustainable by providing tools and resources to help them grow and thrive. Michelle helped educate the swimming pool industry as the Mission Development Director of the National Swimming Pool Foundation for many and then spent 2 years as Executive Director of the California Pool & Spa Association.